Oversize Steel American Flag (XL)

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Oversize Steel American Flag (XL)

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This Extra Large version of our classic steel American flag pushes our production methods to their limits and is almost entirely manufactured by hand. This time and labor intensive artwork makes an impressive statement at  107x56". (Roughly nine feet by four and a half feet.)

If you intend to hang your flag outside, or in a humid environment we highly recommend one of our clear coating options:


Add a protective layer to your flag against the elements with an automotive clear coat that will preserve it's original look. This is a highly recommended option for humid environments and exterior covered installations such as entryways and patios.  XL +$150


Clear powder coat provides heavy duty protection to your flag for permanent outdoor use. The process of baking the powder coat creates a "tea stained" look that has an antique feel. This special patina cannot be easily captured in photos, and gets rave reviews from those who have seen it in person.  XL +$150 (See our American flag product page for an example photo.)

Protective Coating:
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