Proper Care and Use of Your IMD Steel Flag Patina:

Every six months, as a preventative measure, you may:
     -Handwash your flag using lukewarm water and mild soap.
    -Use a clean, soft, non-abrasive, grit-free cloth or sponge to loosen heavy dirt or grime. 
     -To remove residue, rinse with clean water. 
     -Prevent water spotting by drying with a soft cloth.
     -Apply an automotive liquid carnauba wax using a microfiber cloth to re-coat and protect the surface.

Never do/use the following items...
   -Polishing compounds, solvents, bleaches, or highly alkaline cleaners. 
     -Scrub brushes, steel wool, or other abrasive materials. 
     -Squeegees razor blades, or other sharp instruments to remove deposits or spots. 
     -Clean in direct sunlight or at high temperatures.
     -Power-washing equipment. 

Hanging Your IMD Steel Flag:

Your steel flag is a heavy object and care should be exercised when moving, hanging, and placing it. 
Your flag should be hung from at least two points. Its design allows the back edge of your flag to be hooked over the head of a screw or lag bolt. 

Fasteners rated to the weight of your flag should be used. 

Small - 30lbs.     Medium - 40lbs.     Large - 70lbs. 

We recommend you professional installer use the following fasteners at a minimum: 
     -Drywall: Threaded drywall anchors (such as E-Z Anchor). Do not use standard plastic wall plugs as these can tear our easily when exposed to lateral forces. 
     -Plaster: Snap toggles are recommended. 
     -Masonry: Metal molly anchors, lag bolts with plugs, or toggle bolts depending on thickness.
     -Wood: Lag bolts sent directly into studs are preferred. If mounting to siding or plywood, toggle bolts are recommended.

Unless you are using our custom hurricane brackets, do not hang your flag...
     -Over fragile objects or glass furniture. 
     -Over children's playpens or cribs. 
    -In an area subject to high winds. 

Never hang your flag...
     -On a weak material that is not rated for the load. 
     -Using a temporary or adhesive based hangers. 
     -On glass. 

Using Your IMD Steel Flag in Exterior Settings: 

Your *standard flag should be kept out of the elements as the patina will be affected by high humidity and excessive exposure to sunlight. 

If you have opted for the exterior clear coating, it is best if the flag is kept in a covered area away from the rain. If hung completely exposed, expect to wax your flag per the instructions above to preserve its protective coating much the same way as you would a vehicle stored outdoors. 

*Currently, as of October 1st, we are no longer making any of our flags without the exterior protective coating.